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How to stop snoring

Causes of snoring in kids

Are you one among the hundreds of parents who are worried about how to stop snoring in their kids? Well, there are a number of time-tested remedies for snoring in kids and infants. However, a solution that works for one kid may not help another. Hence, it is important to find the right solution for your child through trial and error.
Snoring is a condition caused by the partial blockage of the airway of the person, which makes normal rhythmic breathing difficult. This can also be caused by any kind of pressure applied on the soft tissue of the throat. The best way to make a person stop snoring is to avoid situations that might lead to the above-mentioned conditions. Given below are some methods that might help your child breath better.

Sleeping position: The position in which your child sleeps matters a lot. Some kids show a tendency to snore only when they sleep on their backs. Making him lie down on his side can help with the issue. This can be done by keeping a pillow on the side for support. Do take care to frequently change the side on which your child sleeps. If your child is an infant, propping his head up on a small pillow might help.

Medicinal cure: Some kinds of infections such as thyroid infections can also be responsible for snoring in children. If you suspect an infection of any kind, get your child evaluated by a pediatrician and clarify your doubts. If your child does have an infection, administer the prescribed dose of medicine without fail to help get rid of the infection, and the resultant snoring.

Remedies for snoring

                Control the habit of snoring in kids

Nasal strips: These are less invasive and do not have any known side effects when used in children above 5 years. Nasal strips effectively widen the nasal air passage area, and make breathing easy. Different varieties of nasal strips are available off the counter from pharmacies. However, it is advisable to check with your child’s physician before deciding upon a particular brand.

Further treatment: If none of the practically simple remedies seems to work on your child, you might need to probe deeper in to the cause of snoring in your child. Consult with a specialist to find out the cause and how to stop snoring.
Getting your child rid of the habit of snoring needs a lot of patience and effort from your side. Do the best you can to get your kid a good night’s sleep!

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